What are the characteristics of manual stacker

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A manual stacker is a type of lifting equipment that is operated by hand or with the help of a manual pump. Some of the common characteristics of a manual stacker are:

1. Manual operation: As the name suggests, manual stackers are operated manually, usually with the help of a hand pump or a lever.

2. Lower lifting capacity: Manual stackers are designed for lighter loads and have a lower lifting capacity compared to powered stackers.

3. Lower lifting height: Manual stackers are ideal for lifting loads to a height of around 10-12 feet, and not beyond that.

4. Compact size: Manual stackers are usually compact in size and can be easily maneuvered in tight spaces, making them ideal for small warehouses or work areas.

5. Lower maintenance costs: Since manual stackers do not have any complex electrical or hydraulic systems, they require lower maintenance costs compared to powered stackers.

6. Lower upfront costs: Manual stackers are usually more affordable compared to powered stackers since they do not require any electrical or hydraulic systems to operate. 

Overall, manual stackers are suitable for applications where lighter loads need to be lifted to a moderate height, and where cost is a primary concern.

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