Four mechanisms of chain hoists

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1. Lifting mechanism

Generally, it is composed of a driving device, a chain winding system, a pick-up device and a safety device. The driving device includes hand chain, hand chain wheel, brake disc friction plate and ratchet, etc., and the chain winding system includes baffle, guide wheel, latch, etc. The pick-up device has various forms such as hooks, rings, grabs, spreaders, and hanging beams. Safety protection devices include overload limiter, lifting height limiter, descending depth limiter and overspeed protection switch.

2. Operating mechanism

It is divided into two types: tracked operation and trackless operation.

The rail-type running mechanism is mainly composed of two parts: the running support device and the running driving device. The running support device is used to bear the self-weight and external load of the chain hoist, and transfer all these to the track infrastructure. It mainly includes balancing devices, wheels, tracks, etc. The running drive device is used to drive the hoist to run on the track, and is mainly composed of a reducer and a brake. The trackless running mechanism is an important part of various mobile hoists.

3. Rotary mechanism

It consists of two parts, the slewing support device and the slewing drive device. The former supports the rotating part of the hoist on the fixed part, and the latter drives the rotating part to rotate relative to the fixed part, and bears the vertical force, horizontal force and overturning moment acting on it by the rotating part of the hoist.

4. Luffing mechanism

According to the nature of the work, it can be divided into non-working luffing and working luffing; according to the movement form of the mechanism, it can be divided into running trolley luffing and jib swing luffing; according to the jib luffing performance, it can be divided into ordinary jib luffing and balance luffing Boom luffing.

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