Manufacturing process of outdoor enclosure

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Outdoor enclosure refers to a cabinet made of metal or non-metallic materials directly under the influence of natural climate, which is not allowed to be operated by unauthorized operators. It provides outdoor physical working environment and security system for wireless communication stations or wired network station workstations.


The surface of the coating should be continuous and uniform, with the texture consistent with the corresponding standard template, and free of defects such as nodules, shrinkage holes, blisters, pinholes, cracks, peeling, pulverization, particles, sags, exposed bottoms, and inclusions of dirt.

For cabinets without spraying treatment, the gloss and texture of the external surface should be uniform and beautiful.


After the adhesion test, the coating on the surface of the cabinet meets the requirements of Grade 1 in Table 1 of GB/T 9286-1998.

Impact resistance

After the impact resistance test, the coating on the surface of the cabinet is free of defects such as radial cracks and notches.

Anti aging

The coating on the cabinet surface is anti-aging. 

Solvent resistant

After the solvent resistance test for the coating on the surface of the cabinet, visually inspect the surface to see that there is no evidence of loss of gloss, significant discoloration, or wiping.

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