0.39 inch Digital Night Vision Scope

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High definition images, superb contrast, wide colour reproduction, quick response, small design, power-saving features, and flexible input options are all combined in the 0.39 inch Digital Night Vision Scope. It improves the performance and viewing quality of night vision scopes, which helps to increase visibility and accuracy in dimly lit areas.

Featuring a compact, high-definition display with a resolution of 1024 (RGB) 768 and a total of 2.38 million dots, the 0.39 inch Digital Night Vision Scope is available. It is specifically made for night vision scopes and has the following crucial characteristics:

High contrast: Produces crisp, clear visuals in dim lighting.

Broad colour gamut: Provides rich and accurate colour representation.

High-speed response: Produces fluid, smooth images that are perfect for capturing moving targets.

Ensures simple integration into night vision scopes while adding no extra bulk or weight.

Power-saving feature: Reduces energy usage while extending battery life for continuous use.

Users can change the direction of the presented content using the inverse display capability.

flexible input method: Supports YCbCr 16-bit and parallel RGB 24-bit input, making it compatible with a variety of sources.

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