EMS RF Beauty Roller

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China Factory EMS RF Beauty Roller. We have been specialized eye skincare beauty instrument more than 10 years. We could be customized beauty equipment products and have a good price advantage.We are a professional high technology Eye Care beauty instrument manufacturer in China.We look forward to expanding the market.

EMS RF Beauty Roller Feature And Application

EMS RF Beauty Roller can promote the metabolism of skin cells,

EMS is generally useful for eye bags. As age increases, collagen loss occurs, and long-term staying up late can cause eye bags to form. Micro current, based on the principle of ultrasound resonance, directly acts on the subcutaneous area of the eyes to decompose eye fat, causing fat to dissolve and be extracted from the body through negative pressure, effectively achieving the effect of removing eye bags.

EMS RF Beauty Roller Details

EMS RF Beauty Roller is the most penetrating color among various LED lights, reaching directly to the bottom of the skin. Electric current can penetrate 8 layers of skin, reaching directly to the dermis and even to the fascia layer, stimulating collagen regeneration, restoring elasticity to elastic fibers, tightening the eye circumference, and tightening eye bags.

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